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How To Create A Month Worth Of Instagram Content In 7 Easy Steps

by Shelley Costello on 06/13/19

What better way is there to tell a story than with photos, videos, and captions? Let me share with you 7 easy steps to create a full month worth of engaging content for your Instagram and Instagram stories.

1. Take a look at the Specialty days of the month, National Days and other themed holidays tor observations throughout the month. Build a post, image or video around that day. Some months there are several days.
Here is a site I use to keep up with National recognized days for creating posts.

2. Make a monthly hashtag list. Use important and related hashtags to use through the month. You should use some trending hashtags, but also have your own signature hashtags. Test them and see how they perform.

3. Know which day you will publish a new blog post and convert it into a gorgeous image with a text post on Instagram. Post the blog post in its entirety with a capturing image. There is a strategic way to post long format posts.
A tip I use every so often is to put the entire text of a short blog on the image. It really gets attention.

4. Make a list of relevant people or influencers to mention in your posts. Make a post about this person and tag them with a great image or post they published. Recognized influential people and commend them on their accomplishments. I run a group and page of the Most Influential People and the page really stands out. All we do is recognize people.
Mentioning others is a great way to increase your reach to new people who may not be aware of your brand. Mention people and influencers who are related to your niche.

5. Post an informational “How To” or “Top Tips” related to your niche. share your knowledge and expertise. Establish yourself as the expert. The simple use of tips and tricks is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. You can take tips or information out of a blog you have already created.

6. Share stories and information about yourself.
Be authentic and a little personal. Share a business or personal milestone or success. Share something that is inspiring or a story about how you got started in your business.

7. Post engaging content such as humor and quotes.
Quotes get the most likes and or comments because they are quick and easy items for your followers to engage with.
For $79 our professional team of writers, graphic designers, video producers and audio specialists will create 30 days of custom branded content with your company logo. Your content will be a mix of videos, engaging images, quotes, special days, holidays, national recognized or themed days, general Tips or How To posts relevant to your niche, polls and more. We will create the full month of content and send it to you in a zip file. All you have to do is open the file and post to your pages. We will even make sure your content is sized for Facebook, Facebook stories, Instagram and Instagram stories.
Your videos will be provided in the following formats:

• 1920×1080 (perfect for YouTube and Vimeo)
• 1080×1080 square videos (perfect for Facebook)
• 1080×1920 vertical videos (ideal for Instagram)

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