**Shelley has extensive experience as a trainer and business manager for fortune 500 companies. She is a Personal Life Coach, and Business Coach, teaching individuals the secrets to personal, health and business success. Shelley is the organizer of this BBB Breakfast Business Bunch. Cost to participate FR*EE value PRICELESS... Jim & Denise

**Shelley truly is a person interested in helping people and business owners be better at allthey do. She has a heart to give and help people build their businesses. You will not find another person that has a passion in giving of themselves in helping people be better, think better and stretch themselves. She really is an encouragement and an example in business and life! Dean Robertson 

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Denise Barone Jim Dupre has endorsed your work as CEO at Shelley Costello.
Dear Shelley Costello,
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Details of the Recommendation: "Shelley Costello is one of most competent people we have met. She consistently adds more value than anticipated . Her Expertise and creativity is refreshing. We give Shelley Costello our highest recommendation..she's just that good"
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
You are an Awesome Lady... Please Share with ALL of Us How and When...We can get on these Amazing Calls/Webinars~ When Shelley Speaks WE Listen/Learn and Take Action!!!
Please Post ... When and How!!! : )
We Confidently Share and Recommend any/all of Shelley's course Our Personal and Business have had Positive Growth with Added Value...Thank You for Sharing Your Knowledge.

“* Shelley Costello is amazing. There are hundreds of members - different ones show up at different times. ”
— Denise Clark on Mar 24, 2009.

“ "Great place to meet others in business and share your thoughts and ideas. Shelly presented good tips on how to market yourself. Loved the experience. ”— Ezra Taylor on Sep 24, 2008.

*“Your bright smile, energy and enthusiasm mesmerized everyone. You’re ability to bring passion and conviction to a speech was wonderful, as well as your ability to connect with each member of the audience. We look forward to inviting you back again next year for our 2nd annual BAAM Blast event. Feel free to use this testimonial in any way that you like. Please keep us in mind as you continue to build your business.”
With Great Respect and Appreciation,
Amy Sellers, President,
Out of the Rain Society, Inc. Assisting Children and Families Affected by Autism.

**“ As Director, Shelley Costello attracts and holds many highly motivated business people who gladly share their
successful practices . ABC is dedicated to relationship building and acting as advocates for each other. ”
— Dan on Jun 17, 2009.


A personal note from me to you – My life goal was to publish a book like I wrote and reach Top 20 Best Seller.
 Even for just a day. You made my dream come true. You made it possible to accomplish one of my very important professional, and personal, life goals.
For that I owe you a great big thank you.
Now I have the prestigious title: “Best Selling Amazon Author Michael T. Williams.”  Endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soup’ series as well”
That’s pretty sweet- But really, for now what’s important is again – 
Thank you for helping me reach one of my life’s greatest goals. Couldn’t have done it without you.
Michael T. Williams, Esq. Williams Securities Law Firm
“Yes indeed, 

Working with Shelley was a blast. 
She really knows what she’s doing. For an author that wants to hit #1 and do it right, talk to Shelley!”

Michael D. Butler
Beyond Publishing

“Here’s the bottom line: Shelley used her “secret sauce” to help me reach #1 on and she can do the same for you. I found Shelley’s enthusiasm infectious and her commitment to seeing me reach my goal was inspirational. I was pretty clueless on how to market a book and her knowledge and experience allowed me to relax and enjoy the process. I cannot encourage you enough to work with her.”
Roy Biancalana
Over 1000 LinkedIn Recommendations, and Endorsements for skills in 55 categories:

SEO (121)                                                                        Marketing Strategy (87)
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Advertising (46)                                                                Business Development (27)

Marketing Strategy- 87 endorsements
Marketing- 84 endorsements
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Digital Marketing- 50 endorsements
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Blogging- 36 endorsements  
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Serving Central Florida and the United States with 
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Interpersonal Skills- 60 endorsement
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Public Speaking- 30 endorsements
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Shelley Costello's  #1 Best-Selling book.
Global Voices of Social Media: 25 Women Share Stories of Strength, Love and Triumph 
Global Voices of Social Media is based on a #1 International Best-Selling Book (Oct. 2014). 25 International Best-Selling Authors have come together for an encore literary presentation with an emphasis on the arts. Enjoy its unique hand illustrated artwork by internationally recognized artist, Nathalie Villeneuve. 

This short story collection written by 25 International Best-Selling Authors, delivers smart and pointed inspirations chapter by chapter. Read to reignite your faith, hope and power by embracing the unity of their voices and the uniqueness of purpose, as they give rise to the business of helping others.
Clear View Umbrella Vision: Learn Twelve Methods for Overcoming Adversities by Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize!

by Jamaal Hamblin | Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC | Jun 2, 2017
#1 Best Selling Book in 3 Categories
Bree Goldstein is a University Professor of Internet Marketing | Award Winning Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant | Best Selling Author. This is her first childrens book.

Since Shelley edited and published my book the media opportunities have been exponential! Just look above at the media opportunities. Still I continue to be fully booked on major media nd travel around the US speaking.

Shelley has the skill and knowledge to take any author to #1 Best-Seller. It’s a wonderful feeling to have this credibility. I never thought I would achieve these results.

Andy Tolbert is the Founder/CEO and Trainer at Safer Agent. Andy in a National Renown real estate agent safety trainer.

Her book interior is beautiful. Look on Amazon.
Shelley Costello's 2nd book. A 12-year-old girl suffers a severe, relentless headache and is rushed to the hospital. Tests reveal a portion of her brain has been obliterated from massive bleeding. Doctors perform delicate surgery with no guarantee she will survive. Miraculously, she makes it…only to lie in Intensive Care. Will she ever be the same? A decision must be made—remove life support. It is determined that she will either breathe on her own or die. After removing the life-sustaining equipment there is no response. Minutes later Rabia Solano opens her eyes, looks at her parents and mouths the words, "I love you." 

Michael H. King, daytime television actor and star, goes to New York and Los Angeles to make his dreams come true. He appears on the soap opera AS THE WORLD TURNS and in shows such as STAR TREK, PHILLY, DROP DEAD DIVA, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and PACIFIC BLUE along with numerous network pilots including THE TRAVEL AGENCY for CBS, SAVING GRACES for the WB, and the syndicated pilot GREEN SAILS shot in Australia. He hits a spiritual and emotional wall which causes him to stop acting entirely, and leaves him searching for hope. Michael makes his way back home. Inspired by his grandmother, he writes, directs, and acts in the feature-film "The Way Back Home," starring Julie Harris and Ruby Dee. This film airs regularly on TBN and can be purchased at most national Christian book store chains and outlets. It wins the hearts of audiences yearning for films that bring a message of hope. "On the Road to Hope": Real Life Journeys of Faith, features these stories and twelve others by award-winning writers, screenplay writers and published Christian authors who have experienced extraordinary miracles on their spiritual journeys through life's most challenging circumstances, tragedies, and adversities. Ordinary people share their hearts and testimonies on the pages of this book to reach others with the message of hope.