Publishing with a third-party publishing agent can be scary. I am an independent vanity publisher and literary representative for aspiring authors who are looking for affordable publishing options.

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I have been in business for 20 years and have excellent business references. I am always accessible by phone, text or SKYPE. If you are interested in a one on one relationship with full social media and Internet marketing, I am the publishing agent for you. Please look at this page and fill out the contact form below. If you want to talk with me with questions you can send me a SKYPE invitation to shelley.costello and I will accept. You can complete the from at the bottom of this page and I will return a call to you within 24 hours. 

Dear Author,

First, congratulations! I know what an enormous amount of dedication writing a book can take. Whether your book winds up on a best seller list or on retailers' shelves, or not, please know that I understand and commend you for the effort, care and creativity it takes to bring a book to print.

Now you must decide how to publish, market and promote your book. I offer boutique personalized services to independent authors who are on a shoestring budget. I offer a private two hour workshop to help you from thought or idea to paperback.  This session is everything you need to know about printing, PR and publicity as an aspiring or published author. 

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Shelley Costello

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Michael T. Williams, Esq. Williams Securities Law Firm
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Michael D. Butler
Beyond Publishing

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Roy Biancalana
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Global Voices of Social Media: 25 Women Share Stories of Strength, Love and Triumph 
Global Voices of Social Media is based on a #1 International Best-Selling Book (Oct. 2014). 25 International Best-Selling Authors have come together for an encore literary presentation with an emphasis on the arts. Enjoy its unique hand illustrated artwork by internationally recognized artist, Nathalie Villeneuve. 

This short story collection written by 25 International Best-Selling Authors, delivers smart and pointed inspirations chapter by chapter. Read to reignite your faith, hope and power by embracing the unity of their voices and the uniqueness of purpose, as they give rise to the business of helping others.
Clear View Umbrella Vision: Learn Twelve Methods for Overcoming Adversities by Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize!

by Jamaal Hamblin | Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC | Jun 2, 2017
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Bree Goldstein is a University Professor of Internet Marketing | Award Winning Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant | Best Selling Author. This is her first childrens book.

Since Shelley edited and published my book the media opportunities have been exponential! Just look above at the media opportunities. Still I continue to be fully booked on major media nd travel around the US speaking.

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Andy Tolbert is the Founder/CEO and Trainer at Safer Agent. Andy in a National Renown real estate agent safety trainer.

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Shelley Costello's 2nd book. A 12-year-old girl suffers a severe, relentless headache and is rushed to the hospital. Tests reveal a portion of her brain has been obliterated from massive bleeding. Doctors perform delicate surgery with no guarantee she will survive. Miraculously, she makes it…only to lie in Intensive Care. Will she ever be the same? A decision must be made—remove life support. It is determined that she will either breathe on her own or die. After removing the life-sustaining equipment there is no response. Minutes later Rabia Solano opens her eyes, looks at her parents and mouths the words, "I love you." 

Michael H. King, daytime television actor and star, goes to New York and Los Angeles to make his dreams come true. He appears on the soap opera AS THE WORLD TURNS and in shows such as STAR TREK, PHILLY, DROP DEAD DIVA, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and PACIFIC BLUE along with numerous network pilots including THE TRAVEL AGENCY for CBS, SAVING GRACES for the WB, and the syndicated pilot GREEN SAILS shot in Australia. He hits a spiritual and emotional wall which causes him to stop acting entirely, and leaves him searching for hope. Michael makes his way back home. Inspired by his grandmother, he writes, directs, and acts in the feature-film "The Way Back Home," starring Julie Harris and Ruby Dee. This film airs regularly on TBN and can be purchased at most national Christian book store chains and outlets. It wins the hearts of audiences yearning for films that bring a message of hope. "On the Road to Hope": Real Life Journeys of Faith, features these stories and twelve others by award-winning writers, screenplay writers and published Christian authors who have experienced extraordinary miracles on their spiritual journeys through life's most challenging circumstances, tragedies, and adversities. Ordinary people share their hearts and testimonies on the pages of this book to reach others with the message of hope.