Shelley Costello President of Creative Web Concepts. #1 International Best Selling Author, Featured on,  FOX News 35 as Social Media Strategist, Speaker- Endorsed by Emmy Award winning speaker, Les Brown. I have an established reputation as a highly skilled, Tech Savvy and Creative Social Media Manager, Coach, Trainer and Branding Expert. Internet Marketing Manager with history of meeting unprecedented challenges and successfully developing and implementing leading edge marketing solutions. Recognized by local competitive set as leader in internet marketing. I have the opportunity to  lecturer on social media this semester at University of Central Florida's 4 year Internet Marketing students.

Shelley Costello spent 17 years in the Real Estate industry in marketing. She has had experience as a mortgage broker, real estate agent, managing a national Title Insurance Company branch, marketing professional to the Real Industry and Insurance industry. She was responsible for marketing and sustaining several branch offices with millions of dollars in contracts. Shelley began her social media career when social media started. Now with her savvy skills she now specializes in social media services for the Real Estate Industry. 

Shelley is a dynamic speaker who has shared the speaking stage with Emmy Award Speaker and world renown motivator, Les Brown. Shelley speaks on many topics such as technology, social media, systematizing your business, and much more. She can create presentations that reflect the big picture, but break it down into easy to understand and engaging. Using the latest technology, Shelley captivates her audience and empowers them to take action immediately. Shelley is a published author with books on the subject of Social Media and Internet marketing. She has an established reputation as Internet Marketing Manager with history of meeting unprecedented challenges and successfully developing and implementing leading cutting edge marketing solutions. 

Her company specializes in taking your name, brand, product or service to the marketplace and the news media. Her staff uses the latest in technology, social media, press releases and public relations to take you to the public through social media channels including; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and more.

She provides corporate social media training and provides local business owners with professional blogging, SEO Copywriter, and creating a Social Media and Web Presence. She is the web community manager for busy business owners & professionals in the Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Ga, and Asheville, NC Area. 

Here is a list of her accomplishments:

Shelley is a two time #1 International Best Selling Author
She has made several appearances on Fox News Orlando as a social media expert guest.
She has spoken to Real Estate brokerages nationwide
Manages  social media services for some of the nations top million dollar award winning Realtors
She has been presented to large Fortune 500 companies
Shared speaking stage with Emmy Award Speaker, Les Brown
CEO of a successful social media marketing/management and coaching business.

Speaking topics: Social Media Marketing, Business Growth, Future Age Web Marketing, Successful Networking and more.Her expertise also includes:Business Development, Lead Generator, Personal Branding & Marketing Specialist. Specializing in Internet marketing and online branding with WordPress and video marketing.

Shelley Costello is an entrepreneur and network marketer.  She loves Helping businesses increase sales & profits. She is a Social Media Strategy Expert, Social Media Marketing Consultant.She uses her knowledge and talent to host free events, trainings, social media services and online webinars FREE of charge as a feeder base to recruit for her network marketing companies.

Shelley specializes in taking your name, brand, product or service to the marketplace and the news media. She is an expert Internet Marketing professional and business development coach. Her staff uses the latest in technology, social media, press releases and public relations to take you to the public.

Shelley is a professional business networking event trainer, promoter and and host, hosting several networking groups. She is a networking mentor and coach. She teaches networking skills and business growth through networking and creative advertising. Networking Bringing Offline to Online, Twitter, LinkedIn. *Relationship Building Internet marketing basics, tools and advanced tactics, Strategic Planning & Marketing.

Shelley is founder, CEO and creator of “You, The Next Greatest Networker” proven system that is revolutionizing the networking groups and events function. Shelley is guaranteed to have a massive impact on your results from your business networking efforts.

Teaching at UCF
 University of Central Florida Internet Marketing

Business Coaching & Mentor
A  Nationally Renowned Speaker, Shelley has had the privilege of sharing the speaking stage with Emmy Award Speaker, Les Brown. Les Brown has personally endorsed Shelley.  
See Les Brown's Endorsement Here

Shelley is a Two Time #1 International Best Selling Author and is owner of her own Social Media Management, Branding, & Biz Marketing Agency.

Shelley is a Social Media Manager, Expert & Trainer for businesses small land large, and for Real Estate Brokerages and agents nationwide.

She is a Fox News Social Media Strategist, Social Media Manager & Business Coach, Real Estate Marketing Coach and a Women's Business Coach, Women's Image & Style Coach. Shelley coaches women on their exceptional creative brand and style imageing.

She is seen often on Fox News as a Social Media Strategist offering expert advice on the latest social media topics to Fox viewers. 

She is the founder and leader of OWIB- Orlando Women in Business, a women's business networking group of nearly 2000 members. She is also the founder and leader of ABC- Orlando Business Connectors with a total membership of 2000.
Shelley is host of "Getting Up In Your Woman Business" PODCAST on Apple Podcasts and Google Play and Spotify. Shelley hosts the show with Deanna Roberts.

Shelley has been recognized by top speakers, Fortune 500 Corporations, ,small to medium business owners and National sales events and conferences. As a talented Keynote speaker or headline speaker. Shelley is known and appreciated for her ability to captivate her audience and deliver her message on topics such as: Social Media Marketing, Media, Sales Growth,  Business Marketing, Internet Marketing, Business Technology Marketing, Business Branding, B 2 B Networking, Marketing & Branding for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals, NAR Code of Ethics Compliance,Motivation and more.  

Shelley collaborates with other well know speakers and trainers to host conferences for business start ups, business incubators, transitioning from an employee to business owner, product development and marketing, licensing, patents, copyrights and trademarks. 

Shelley can create presentations that reflect the big picture, but break it down into an easy to understand and engaging message. Using the latest technology, Shelley engages her audience and empowers them to turn takeaways into immediate life-changing and business-changing opportunities that will motivate attendees into take the plunge and take steps towards success.

Shelley has delivered presentations in-person, in webinars, and on podcasts. She has been presented to groups from 10 to speaking about technology to an International group of over 3000 at the Marriot Marquis Luxury Hotel in times Square, NY NY at the Nations's largest Real Estate event, the Inman Connect.

Shelley teaches regularly to large Fortune 500 corporate marketing staff members, Law Enforcement agencies, networking groups, technology schools, business workshops and worldwide on training webinars. Instead of Lunch & Learn events she comes to your place of business and hosts a "Munch & Motivate™" which she currently has under Trademark for her lunchtime speaking gig brand.

Here are a few highlights

#1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author
Fox News Social Media Strategist
Certified Social Media Manager / Digital Marketing Expert.
College Lecturer - University of Central Florida (UCF) (Digital Media Marketing)
Publisher (Professional Book Publishing for Business)