Women's Gold Coaching is an exclusive program unlike any you’ve experienced before...

Join the hundreds of female entrepreneurs from around the world who have gifted themselves with this success.

All with the same common goal, on their own mission to impact the lives of others using their passion, products and services.

They have jumped onboard this exclusive program to connect, to share, a most importantly… Because they want a guaranteed path to reach their goals, dreams and desired lifestyle.

This professional coaching, consulting and mentoring experience is available to you, so you can receive personal support and mentoring from my personal success and a community of like-minded, hard-working female entrepreneurs. 

• 7 Power packed life-changing business modules. Each module contains 10 areas of examining your business success and taking every aspect to the next level, and beyond!

• Step by step techniques and strategies that will shave hours out of your day and streamline your business processes giving you back hours to spend with family.

• Complete coaching and mentoring as we walk through your coaching material. 

• Evaluation and recommendations for your website and public social media channels.

 •Complete professional done for you social media, digital marketing, branding, imagery, eyepopping, captivating, scroll stopping content. Copywriting, blogging, client lead attraction pages, and distribution hacks and strategies.

•LIVE Calls twice a month... personal and private, just for you so we can go over your custom-tailored coaching program, discuss your coaching workbook/materials, have your business questions answered and share your success.

• Exclusive access to my private Facebook group... so you can connect and collaborate with other female entrepreneurs from around the world who are like-minded with the common desire to once in for all find the path to business success and financial freedom. 

Dear Fabulous Female Entrepreneur,

The one thing in life you spend and can never get back is precious time! I can give you this back this gift.

If you’re tired of long days slaving over your computer trying to figure out how to grow your business…

And if you’re tired of being chained to your business that keeps you away from your family and self-care…

Then I invite you to refresh and renew your business life with my Women's Gold Coaching program…

Wouldn't you love to have your life back with your family and have extra time for self-love, self-pampering and the extra money you have been dreaming of?

Of course, you would!

I am here to give you the life you want, deserve desire for your family.

You will learn... How to get it all done and have all your time back.

Every strategy…

Every tactic…

Every trick...

Every secret...

And every idea that has allowed me to grow a 6-figure business working part time.

So, whether it’s:

A review of your follow up correspondence…
Questions about setting up your systems and technology…
Advice on how to grow and bring on support…
Advice on your marketing strategies and automations…
Advice on how to give your clients the most exceptional experience…
Or even going over your business took box to make sure you have everything you need to success...

I’ll be right by your side.

DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know my results are not typical nor is my experience. I am not guaranteeing income or results. Results are based on each individual. I have the benefit of having run my own marketing and automation agency.  This is not a get rich quick scheme and nothing is guaranteed. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS PROGRAM EITHER. If you are looking for a guaranteed income, then this is also not for you.
I am offering 8 GOLD COACHING Sessions where you will get my undivided one on one attention and my eyes, ears and expertise on your business for 2 hours each session.

During our time together we deeply examine your entire business.

Social Media
Video Marketing
Product or Service Packaging
Value to Consumers
Personal & Business Goals for 6 Months
Creative Resourcing
Emails and Freebies
Membership Site
Vision and Goals

We will write your entire strategy and ACTIONABLE 
plan for you for the next 6-months of your business.

MY COACHING SESSION IS NOW $297 until January 1st, 2021  
I usually charge $1,299 for a strategy session, but I really want to help women who are ready to go!

So if you are ready to get that the extra coaching and expertise, support, coaching and mentorship from me, text me or email me and let me know you are ready to start.

I'm looking forward to helping you take your business to new heights.

This is a 6-week intensive course with 6 in depth learning segments under each module

My personal guidance and step by step business building hands on program!

I have 5 spots available for my GOLD coaching program for Just $297.00 for those who join our private coaching Facebook Group 

For the past 7 years I have sold this coaching program for $1,299.00
I would love to speak to you personally about this program. If you have any questions, just send me a message below and I will get back to you very fast. No waiting. Usually within a half hour.
My name is Shelley Costello. I have been in women's business building, mentoring and coaching in the Orlando, Florida area for 12 years. I have grown large women's groups and helped them realize great success in their businesses.

I have Impeccable References! I am Well Respected in Central Florida and around the US.

I Have Owned a Digital Marketing and Social Media Agency For 11 Years. 
I am a Women's Leader and Mentor, Women's Business Growth Coach and Consultant
"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."

Bob Nardelli- CEO Home Depot
You have a lot of great ideas and plans for your business, but they take backend work, labor and production which you never get done because of life. Family, children, obligations... So, your business moves slowly inching forward a little at a time.

If only someone would do all the work and creation for you. If only you had someone to stay by your side and show you how to do all the things you need to do in record time, or better yet, do it for you. Work for you, encourage you, help you stick to the plan and see the fast growth of your business.

For 11 years I have successfully coached and helped women with startups, growing their businesses to 6 figure income levels.

As a mentor to woman leaders, CEO and business owners, I am here to walk you down the path of success.

Learn how to grow your business into a sustainable future success. 
If you are ready to get started your time is now you are deserving of what is waiting for you.

You have come to the right place because I can show you exactly how to bring your vision into manifestation.

Forget about chasing the next shiny object, and all the gurus offering you funnels and systems because they do not work.

 Any more income can impact your family and the lives of others and your business and around you and your community.

You don’t need systems and finals you don’t need to be building your list and spend a lot of money on Facebook as in campaigns. 
Hello lovely woman CEO's and Entrepreneurs!
My name is Shelley Costello. I have lived in Seminole County (Orlando, Florida) my entire life.

I am President and CEO of Creative Web Concepts USA, a social media marketing and management company for over 100+ clients nationwide.
I am not saying this to boast, but my annual income is 166K.

7 years ago I retired my husband from Corporate America when we reached 15K per month.  Our goal by February 2020 id 175K per year the 200K by next fall.

I do not say that to impress you, but to impress upon you how important it is to grow your business.

Month by month, year by year we have grown this business. Let me show you how!

How To Reach Your Full Potential As A Female Entrepreneur